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Smokin Joes Products


  • Smokin Joes® Naturals

    100% Natural - The signature brand of the Smokin Joes® family of products. The Natural is just that, all natural.

    There are no additives or chemicals used in the manufacturing process. Smokin Joes® answered the demand for a high quality, low-priced additive-free cigarette. Don't let the low price fool you, Smokin Joes® Natural is made from the highest quality tobaccos available.

    Smokin Joes Natural Cigarettes
  • Smokin Joes® Brand

    Smokin Joes® Cigarettes

    The Quality Name Brand That Costs Less - Smokin Joes® Brand is our namesake brand. Available in a wide array of styles and trademark packaging Smokin Joes® regular blend is made from the finest quality tobaccos. A unique blend of Virginia/Carolina tobaccos, Smokin Joes®regular blend produces high smoking satisfaction at a low price.

    Smokin Joes Brand Cigarettes
  • Smokin Joes® Premium

    Smokin Joes® Premium Cigarettes

    Enjoy the Rich Taste of Our Premium Blend - Theres no mistaking the smooth, rich taste of a genuine Native American Premium Blend Cigarette. Choose from Red, Menthol, Menthol Gold, Non-Filter and Blue in kings and 100's.

    Smokin Joes Premium Cigarettes
  • Lewiston®

    Lewiston is the outdoor brand of the Smokin Joes® line. Lewiston offers both great taste and affordability in one cigarette. Lewiston comes in a full line complete with a non-filter for those seeking a more rugged flavor.

    Lewiston Cigarettes
  • Market®

    Corner the Market on great taste and value

    Market Cigarettes
  • Exact®

    The very first product produced by the first federally licensed Native American tobacco company makes Exact an original. A smooth, rich blend of quality Virginia and Carolina tobacco results in a satisfying smoke at a great price. Whether you're looking for Red or Gold, King's or 100's, Soft Pack or Box, we have the EXACT product for you.

    Exact Cigarettes
  • Exact Elite™

    When Only the Exact Blend Will Do...

    Exact Elite is a recent addition to the Smokin Joes® Family of fine tobacco products. The new blend and packaging is a spin-off of our original brand. The tobacco has been reformulated to be our finest blend to date. Smokin Joes® exceptional quality comes through in the Exact Elite which are available in kings and 100's. Be sure to offer your customers the best there is, Exact Elite.

    Exact Elite Cigarettes


  • Smokin Joes® Filtered

    The Perfect Everyday Smoke - Smokin Joes® Filtered Cigars are made from the finest cigar tobacco with a smooth flavor. This small pack makes it convenient to carry to allow you to have that perfect everyday smoke.

    Available in 8 exciting favors: Original, Smooth, Menthol, Cherry, Vanilla, Grape, Peach, and Strawberry. Available only in 100’s. Find your favor!

    Smokin Joes Filtered Cigars
  • Smokin Joes® Little Cigars

    The Perfect Everyday Smoke - With Smokin Joes® brand Little Cigars, you don't have to wait for a special occasion to have a cigar! Little Cigars are the perfect everyday smoke.

    Available in 8 exciting favors: Original, Smooth, Menthol, Cherry, Vanilla, Grape, Peach, and Strawberry. Available only in 100’s. Find your favor!

    Smokin Joes Little Cigars

Bagged Tobacco

  • Pipe Tobacco

    Smokin Joes® Premium Blended Pipe Tobacco

    Premium Quality, Blended Pipe Tobacco in Resealable Bags - Smokin Joes® offers a full line of premium quality blended tobaccos. Our premium blended pipe tobaccos are packaged in either one pound (16oz) or the smaller 6oz bags, which are conveniently resealable for long-lasting freshness.

    All sizes are available in our three signature flavors: Regular, Smooth, and Cool Mint..

    Smokin Joes Premium Blended Pipe Tobacco
  • Cigarette Tobacco

    Smokin Joes® Premium Blended Hand-Rolling Tobacco

    100% Premium Quality, Hand-Rolling, Blended Tobacco - There's a certain satisfaction that goes with doing things on your own. For those who appreciate the do-it-yourself approach, Smokin Joes® offers a full line of premium quality, hand-rolling, blended tobaccos. These special blends are great for rolling by hand, or with cigarette rolling machines and tubes. Hand-rolling tobaccos are packaged in 150g (5.29 oz.) tins, vacuum-sealed for freshness, and come with resealable plastic lids. Also available in one pound bags.

    Smokin Joes Premium Blended Hand-Rolling Tobacco